Commodore's Classic at Huntington

Once again we had perfect conditions at Huntington, and some very tight competition. This year we had five fleets: Hobie 20, Open Multihull, Wabbit, Moore 24 and Coronado 15. Photos and scores are linked below: We're still chasing down one camera's worth of photos, so if you don't see any nice photos of your boat, please check back in a week or so. Big thanks to Martin from Maui Jim for sponsoring the regatta; Mary, Rhonda, Sue, Dorothy, Joanne and Jody for doing a great job on Race Committee; Travis for doing the scoring; and a dozen other folks for helping out.

Go For the Gold at Scott's Flat

With the goofy weather that we've been having on the west coast the last few weeks, it's no wonder that the conditions at the Go For the Gold Regatta were a little odd this year. On saturday the winds were light and very shifty, and it was cool with the occasional light rain shower and the RC (wisely) only got off two races. In one race, the RC had to send three consecutive fleets to three different windward marks. On Sunday the wind picked up a bit, giving the racers occasional spurts of double-trap winds, generally leading straight to stink-holes at the marks.

Chico Classic

This year was the earliest we've had the Chico Classic in recent memory, and we saw some of the best conditions. Three races out of five had great wind, and only one had extened periods of no wind whatsoever. Kudos to the race organizers for getting things moving early on Sunday morning to take advantage of the wind.

Once again, the Chico Cats put on a great raffle, with some great prizes donated by A Main Hobbies. Without a doubt, the most coveted prize was the ambigous, androgynous, mullethead, jetski person (the thing on the right, Mike Peavy is on the left).

2008 Wrap-up

Well, another sailing season has come and gone.

This year we had seven regattas. The Chico Classic had disappointing wind again, but there's some fresh blood in the regatta management, and renewed enthusiasm for this event. This year the infamous raffle was back with some great prizes donated by A Main Hobbies. Next year the regatta date will be moved up a couple of weeks, which should give us a better chance of some wind.

This was the second year that we went to Scott's Flat for the "Go For The Gold" Regatta, hosted by the Gold Country Yacht Club. This year the wind was strong but rather shifty, giving good double-trap rides but punishing severely boats that picked the wrong side of the course.

Our third regatta of the season was The Commodore's Classic at Huntington Lake. In addition to the cats, we had some great turnout from the Wylie Wabbit and Moore 24 fleets. The wind as always was just about perfect. Martin from Maui Jim gave out some great prizes - 12 pairs of high-end sunglasses - 10 as trophies and two through random drawing as well as 5 silk hawiian shirts.

The wind showed up again at our next event, the Firecracker hosted by the Klamath Yacht Club. Along with the wind came a great social scene at the club bar, and more blue-green algae than you can shake a hiking-stick at.

Our string of wind-luck ran out at Eagle Lake. But we did all get a chance to visit with Marvin Peltier, our good friend and long-time MHRA member. The Eagle Lake Regatta was an event that Marv always looked forward to all year. Whenever he'd start a new job (and he had to often as he was in the residential construction trade), one of his conditions was that he get a full week of vacation around the date of Eagle Lake. Marv passed on September 15, after a long battle with lung cancer. He was in a great deal of pain when he visited us at Eagle Lake, but he didn't let that stop him.

After Eagle Lake came the Silver State Classic. Due to low water conditions at Washoe Lake, we moved this event to Pyramid Lake. As this is the first time we've run an event at Pyramid Lake (at least in living memory) we kept it quite informal. We did a 20 mile distance "race" on Saturday, and some fun sailing on Sunday. On both days the wind didn't pick up until a little after noon, but when it did the wind was quite decent - single-trap conditions (maybe 6-10 knots) and rather steady. We also got a little full-moon night sailing in on Saturday night. I think everyone was quite pleased with the venue, and next year we plan on making this a serious regatta.

Our final event of the season was Bodega Bay. This year we had very big swells and big wind, so the racing was kept to inside the bay.

Final 2008 Series Winners:

The 2008 Business Meeting was held on November 15 in Chico, with a reception at Jason and Christina Smith's house in Paradise. The attendees agreed on the following event schedule for 2009:

The "Totally Dinghy" Regatta, hosted by the Richmond Yacht Club, is a new event to the MHRA schedule. However, MHRA members have attended this regatta in the past, and we'll pass on information from them about this event in the near future.

The following members were elected to serve as officers for the 2009 season:

Meeting minutes, including financial statements, have been sent to all MHRA members. If you have any complaints, especially complaints about this website, but also complaints about life in general, please contact Jason Smith.